5 Reasons to Get a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

You have the wedding photographer and maybe even a videographer, so why do you need a photo booth? First, photo booths are awesome and everyone has so much fun playing with them. But if you’re still on the fence, here’s five things to thing about:

The photo booth prints can double as weddings favors. If you are wanting your guests to walk away with something to remember your wedding by, a photo favor will do the trick. We can customize the photo strips with your name and match your wedding theme. Guests will happily post them on their fridge and your wedding will always be a fun memory.

It provides an activity other than dancing and eating. Everyone likes to eat but not everyone likes to dance. A photo booth is a great activity to get everyone involved at the reception. It’s especially distracting to the younger crowd.

Guests volunteer to have their photo taken. There will always be those party guests who don’t want their photo taken. They constantly duck from the camera. But funny enough, those same people will volunteer to have their photo taken in the photo booth. It’s helps that you see the result in real time on our high resolution touch screen.

Creates an awesome guestbook We provide unlimited prints at all events. This means that an extra print can go in a memory book. If you include our memory book add-on we’ll include a scrapbook, gel pens, glue, and direct guests to leave a message next to their photos in the book. This is something you’ll definitely look back on years later.

Reinforces the party theme. You can customize the design on the printout and choose your backdrop. If you want to personalize the booth even more, you can create a custom backdrop and include your own themed props. For instance, if you want a Great Gatsby wedding, we can work together to create an Art Deco backdrop and include boas and other 1920’s themed props. This will greatly create the mood you want for the party.