How much space does it take up?
In general, our footprint is 10′x 10′. Please plan for our backdrop which is 10 foot wide, our chic booth, and a props table. If you have a keepsake album we will also have a small scrapbook style station.

What are the power requirements?
We need access to one 3-prong standard outlet within 25 feet of the photo booth space.

How long does it take to set up and break down?
We like to have 1 hour for setup and 1 hour for break down. This is to make sure we don’t eat into your booked time. Make sure to coordinate with us so that our setup doesn’t interfere with your ceremony and reception activities.

How do I book a booth?
Simply fill out our Book Now form and tell us about your event. We will get back to you within 48 hours with more details. In order to officially book a booth rental, we need a booking fee and a signed contract. All of this can be done online.

Do you have discounts?
Like and Follow us on Facebook. We will post any specials we are running. Discounts are available when booking with our partnering wedding photography company, Blue Elephant Photography. We also have weekday discounts {Monday through Thursday}.

How do the animated GIFs work?
Every booth rental comes with a social sharing station. It’s a small touch screen off to the side where guests can share the photos that were just taken. You can also turn the photos into an animated GIF and send it to yourself as long as WIFI is available.

Are sharing props sanitary?
We disinfect and clean our props after every event. We value our props and we hope you will too.