How to Make a Social Media Sharing Station for your Photo Booth

A social media sharing station is the best way to add social media to an existing photo booth. The best way to set it up is with “Watch Folders.” It doesn’t take photos, but instead imports them from your existing photo booth software. It can help keep the lines moving by giving guests an opportunity to share their photos away from the booth on another kiosk.

What You Need:

1. Cellular iPad
2. Display Stand
3. Mashbooth App
4. Dropbox Account

I suggest using an iPad because the Mashbooth App which I recommend only works with iPads as the kiosk. I suggest using a cellular iPad because venue WiFi is not reliable. You can use the iPad as a hotspot so that you don’t need to purchase a separate hotspot. I suggest the _______ because it’s minimal and allow you to lock your iPad to the stand. I like Mashbooth App because it’s free if you just want text and email. For Social Media sharing it’s a low monthly cost instead of a per event pricing structure used by other services. This allows you to save money as you scale. Finally, you will be using Dropbox to connect your Photo Booth to your Kiosk. Just get the free account. If you need more space you can either upgrade to a business account or get a little more free space through referrals. I was able to expand my account to 18.63 GB through referrals. To get it all working simply follow the instructions given by Mashbooth to finish setting it up. Good luck!

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