How To Market Your New Photo Booth Business

With any new business my main mantra is “If you aren’t busy, you’re doing something wrong.” Basically, you can’t simply make a Facebook Business page, put up a website, submit to some directories and then wait for clients to contact you to book a photo booth rental.

You will eventually learn that word of mouth is always the best marketing. But you need past clients to spread the word. This sounds like a Catch 22 for a new business. The answer is simple. Create work … any way you can. This means that your first gigs are going to be free or heavily discounted. Here are 5 ideas to create work:

1. Connect with Venues. Contact every single local Venue by email or in person. Tell them what you can offer their clients. Then, offer one free photo booth rental for any event they hold {open house, fundraiser, etc.}

2. Bogart your friends parties. Pay attention to whether any of your friends are having a party. Offer to bring your photo booth for free.

3. Use Thumbtack. Bid on requests through Thumbtack. Thumbtack tends to get a bad rap but it’s totally legit. In fact, since Google bought it, it actively pushes it to people searching for services. Professionals complain because their competition price cuts and destroys the industry. Don’t worry about these people. They choose to point fingers more often than taking action.


Once you get a few gigs, you get a few more, and the ball will start rolling. Encourage your audience to connect with you on social media. It’s better to have real world fans for your Business Page than fans that you paid for through Facebook Ads. And maybe cheaper too! Good Luck!