We provide the props. They are included with every photo booth experience! We typically bring a minimal, clean selection of signs, mustaches, lips, silly glasses, headbands, masks and hats of various sorts, bow-ties, and a few other rotating props to keep things fresh! There are a few items we include just for weddings and a special collection just for holiday parties. And don’t worry, we’ll keep it clean for high school and sweet 16 parties.

Silly Glasses

Photo Booth Glasses Props

Lips on Sticks and Mustaches Too

Photo Booth Props on Sticks

Funny Signs

Photo Booth Sign Props

Hilarious Headbands and Crazy Hats

headband and hat photo booth props

More Ridiculous Things

Photo Booth Lightsabers

Wedding Essentials

Photo Booth Wedding Props

Holiday Party Must-haves

Holiday Party Photo Booth Props

Just Pretty You

no props