New Photo Booth Business in Stillwater, OK

The wedding and event industry is about to boom here in Stillwater, OK. What Stillwater lacked in the past was choices for event spaces. Now two new venues, Rosemary Ridge and Sparrow are establishing themselves right now for weddings and events! There is just one thing left that Stillwater lacks: a go-to photo booth company!

For the most part, photography has gone digital and everyone looks at photos online. There actually isn’t even a place in Stillwater that will develop film anymore. Instant Polaroid film isn’t what it used to be and is very expensive. Holding a photo in your hand has actually become a novelty. This is all the more reason to have a photo booth at a special event.

With all this new technology there has to be a better solution to a heavy, stuffy, cumbersome traditional photo booth while still allowing guests to walk away with a physical photo in their hand. We present to you Mod Fox Photobooth! It’s a totally modern open air photo booth built with the latest technology. It prints high quality photos in seconds. It has built in social sharing and of course is designed to be a hit at any party!