The Booth

Here’s our booth! Isn’t it pretty?! It’s stylish, simple, and white. So it won’t stand out at even the most upscale events.

Open Air Photo Booth

Our entire setup includes the freestanding booth, a small media station, a backdrop, and a prop table. It’s a modern open-air style photo booth. That means that you can cram as many people you can try into each photo. And everyone at the party can see what all the giggling is about. You can see yourself while striking a pose to get the very best shot. It has a touchscreen and basically runs itself. But one of our attendants will always be there to walk you through it.

open air photo booth

It has a crazy umbrella on top because we built in professional studio lighting. It prints instantly from a professional photo printer in the base. Our photo booth photos and prints are top quality! We also always bring our social media station. In most basic terms it’s an iPad on a stand. It will load the photos as they are taken and you can email them instantly to yourself to share as you wish. We bring all the tables and linens. All we ask is for a 10″x10″ space that is sheltered from the weather and access to one 3-prong outlet.

Open Air Photo Booth